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Rodney's Reading Recommendations
Rodney's Reading Recommendations

Below is a list of my five favorite business or self development books.

I have read these, applied them, enjoyed the rewards from them, and now highly recommend them everywhere I go.  

If you have a local library, you can find most of them there.  
So enjoy the reading and enjoy the benefits.

1) How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  
Though written in the 1940’s this is still THE SINGLE most important book for building customer relationships. Many corporations still make this book a must read for their sales forces.
Whether I are consulting with a business marketing client or coaching a couple for marriage, I always recommend this book. It is the bible for mastering human interactions.

2) The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino.
This book is a simple and fun read, but helps you begin to understand the value of discipline. All Og Mandino books are good reads because each one carries a very valuable lesson. This happens to be my favorite of the bunch.

3) Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  
Another easy and quick book to read, but it holds a valuable lesson If you are stuck in a rut or box, this book will help you get out. More importantly, the lesson learned will help you better identify with those around you, including your customers or clients.

4) The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.  
This is a great book for getting into how people think and what motivates them. If you know that, you can do wonders in building a business relationship with them. Also great for building a high performance team of employees or affiliates.

5) The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  
Though this book was written to strengthen marriage relationships, it is easily one of the best books for learning how important it is to understand what is important to your customers and clients. A relationship is a relationship so all the tips in this book can be applied to both marriage and business.

Begin a good disciplined reading program today.

You'll be glad you did.