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Well let's start with the important stuff.

I am a husband to my fabulous wife, Karen, whom I've been married to for 40+ tremendous years.    She is my best friend in life.   But, people who know me closely, know I treat her even better than that.  I'll share some more about that at a later time.

Karen and I have mentored and counseled engaged couples for over 30 years and have coached married couples since 2001.

We help married couples through NeverEndingHoneymoon.com

I'm also "Dad" to two college graduated, married sons,
Josh and Zack.   I'm extremely proud of the young men they have become.

As far as my professional experiences, I retired at age 48 after a twenty year career with AT&T.  While with AT&T, I worked several years as a corporate trainer and the rest as a data analyst and project manager.

Since retirement, I have been busy with an assortment of personal businesses and enjoying time with the family.

I co-founded a personal residential real estate investment company and built it to over a million dollar portfolio within 18 months.

I co-founded Visionary Tennis, an online league scheduling company for adult tennis players of all ability levels.

I built my current coaching business,
Helping People UP.com, a multi-faceted people-helping dream that came to life in 2002 and continues to grow and crystalize today.  My specialty is marriage mentoring.

And in 2008 I was introduced to the wonderful sport of Pickleball, where I've created the country's most well known apparel brand, "Pickleball Rocks".

Learn all about what we do to help the sport grow at:

In 1996 I wrote down a goal.  As a matter of fact, I wrote down several that year.  But, because I look at it daily, one particular goal still vividly stands out in my mind.

THE GOAL: "I will help 100 people learn to live happy, prosperous lives."

Well, over the years, that goal has been revised again and again.  
Today it has become my personal mission.

It now simply says,
"I will continually help people learn to live happy, prosperous lives.

I hope you are one of the them.

             My Main Coaching and Generally Helping Everyone Website
             The Pickleball Rocks Clothing & Equipment Company
             The world's best known pickleball apparel brand
   My Marriage Coaching Website
            Promoting the Exciting Sport of Pickleball
            My Pickleball Apparel Website
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- Member Greater Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce
- Member / V.P.  Brookville / Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
- Member American Writers of America Institute
- Certified Cash Flow Consultant (American Cash Flow Association)
- Certified Professional Consultant (The American Consultants League)

- Coach
- Author
- Speaker
- Entrepreneur
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